Firewalld question about activation

I checked the wiki but I’m still confused. The article states that I don’t have to activate the firewall after installation because it will be started automatically. Now I’ve checked the tray and the box “protective shield” or “Schutzschild aktivieren“ is not activated. Does that mean the firewall is turned off? If not: what does this setting mean?

Also do I have to change the zone to home or can I leave it as “public”?

if you can get into it, its already enabled on boot to public by default. Here’s a link to lots of links to explain more:

As I said it won’t explain what the activating shield means. It’s unchecked by default when I right click the app icon.

it a good read . hope it help you

well, you did ask if your firewall is turned off too did you not? quote: “Does that mean the firewall is turned off?”. So now at least you know it is 100% turned on and giving great software firewall protection too. So technically that really is the most important part of the query - is it protecting. Personally i don’t go by sys tray stuff as its not the actual program itself, so hopefully someone else will be able to shed light on that quirk you’ve got.

I don’t have firewalld installed here but I wonder what happens if you check the box?

That setting, which is called “Shields Up” in English, ignores your firewall rules and blocks all incoming connections when activated. The firewall is still running when it is unchecked.

You can use “public” if that is your preference. There is no right answer there.

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