Firewalld Permissions

I noticed in an update firewalld issue with permissions. Why does this happen? I’m not very well versed with permissions and changing them unless necessary.

warning: directory permissions differ on /etc/firewalld/
filesystem: 750  package: 755
warning: directory permissions differ on /etc/firewalld/zones/
filesystem: 750  package: 755

It just means the permissions that the existing files in your filesystem are different than the ones from the package.

This generally means either you changed permissions or the package has changed.

Since your permissions are more restrictive than the package. Feel free to leave them alone if you want to. It is just a warning.

I don’t tend to change permissions so the package must have changed? Just wondered why it would change.

I don’t think so… I updated just a few minutes ago and there was an update to firewalld without any warnings.

This is why I asked about it because I have never changed any permissions. It’s not something I do.

Yeah, that’s pretty strange. :man_shrugging:t3:

I guess the question is what permissions should it be? 750 or 755? or something other?

The package has it set to 755, on my existing system it is also 755 and I haven’t received that update yet.

That being said, there are no absolute rules on this.

Since your permissions are more restrictive, I wouldn’t worry about it unless something is not working for you.

One possible explanation is that permissions were transfered from installer media, like with offline installation.
It is not uncommon the ISO creator used his PC settings/permissions, while either customized, or older initial installation.

My English is poor, so I hope you get my point.

Well it was originally installed from the current EndeavourOS ISO. I have not changed any permissions on anything. I’m not well versed on doing that so i don’t tend to mess with this. I realize it is 750 vs 755 which as @dalto said is more strict. I was just curious what would have made it change during an update. I’m not concerned about it. It’s one of those things i wouldn’t attempt changing without direction or I might mess things up.

I’m puzzled by it just as much as you are. On my system they are both 755.

IMHO, this is usually/normally irrelevant.
The proper permissions are those that the package dev or packager intend.
A stricter set could sometimes be against functionality. This is in general. IDK about the specific package. I would trust pacman message. :person_shrugging:

How does one know what the pkg permissions are supposed to be?

If they differ, there is a message.
Else, you can check upstream PKGBUILDs if there are directives.

Is the correct way to change it?

chmod 755 firewalld
sudo chmod 755 /etc/firewalld/zones
sudo chmod 755 /etc/firewalld

Didn’t realize there were two you had to change. Also wasn’t sure where the path to the pkg was. Thanks @dalto

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