Firewall-config Error NOT_ENABLED: wlan0

Hello, I’m quite new to this distro and I really appreciate it. :smiley:
Though, I have one small problem with firewall: everytime I change the current firewall configuration from the GUI program “firewall-config” it throws me the following error:

Error NOT_ENABLED: wlan0

and it doesn’t allow me to save the new configuration.
This is a relatively new installation and the only change I did to firewall configuration was to set the zone of the home wifi to home.
I don’t know if it’s a relevant information but the internet connection works.
I’d be glad if anybody know what the problem could be, thank you in advance!

That probably produced the error of which you are receiving that message.

Thank you for the answer. That was indeed the reason. I changed the zone back to public and the error doesn’t show up and the configuration gets saved. But, does it mean that I can’t change wifi zones?

No it dosn’t mean that. However it is not completely trivial. A good starting point for this would be here:

Glad you could solve it! :wink:



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