Firefox video playback issues

Since today, my firefox browser has problems playing certain videos (e.G. tiktok, facebook).
It doesn’t show what’s missing, I just get a message in the browser window that I probably have to install necessary video decoders to playback the video.
As Firefox doesn’t have erro logs, I have absolutey no idea what to do to get back full video playback functionality .
Any ideas where to start looking or even tips how to fix this?

Install ffmpeg4.4 for now.


That worked, thanks a lot.

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Could this be the reason why Nautilus is not showing some video thumbnail previews?

Is it still happening after installing ffmpeg4.4? If yes, then probably not.

Still happening with ffmpeg4.4 installed, even after deleting the thumbnails cache.

With ffmpeg 4.4 installed, the third video in still fails on Firefox. Is it working for you?

Just by curiosity, is there a way to remove 4.4 automatically when not needed anymore?

Some hours ago they changed Firefox having ffmpeg4.4 as a dependency. After a Firefox update you could just check for orphans, because in the future they might remove it as a dependency. But in the end the package won’t hurt, so I wouldn’t give it too much thought.

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That’s OK failing, the page is somewhat outdated and nobody uses that one the web anymore - or anywhere else.

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