Firefox v118 just crashed!

I come from Windows 7 and still using it.
But i never run into such stuff under Windows 7 for decades!

I’m confused… two tabs was opened, machine with 64gb of ram

:sweat_smile: we all have our bad days :wink:

Is it still running underneath ?

ps -A | grep firefox

I already restarted it.

15812 ?        00:01:19 firefox

Relax, browser is one of the most complex programs on your system - it will crash eventually depending on your actions or some mistakes / bugs by Mozilla in that case…

P.S. RAM also has likely nothing to do with hard crash :upside_down_face:

If you want to know more about reasons, if lucky - go see error journal

journalctl -p3 -xb
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repeated crash ?
anything bad here:

journalctl -S 2023-10-14 | grep firefox

edit: command correction

No need for sudo here :wink:

No, only one. I hope it will not develop into disease.

Having 64 GB ram isn’t really going to help if the hardware is really dated. Windows 7 came out in 2009. What is the hardware?

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

Dell Precision 7520

This is a laptop from 2017. Excellent Linux compatibility, it was delivered with a Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) option. Don’t worry.

Re: Firefox: Sadly, the quality of FF has gone down over the years. More crashes and bugs than on Windows are to be expected. If it’s just once or twice a day, I recommend to just deal with it.

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Have journalctl -f running in a terminal while you use your system as you normally do.
Observe the output if/when you get a Firefox’ crash.

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Or install journalctl-desktop-notification-git from AUR. It will automatically notify you if any error occurred in the journalctl log.

When I play to run echo 'Test: Firefox crashes' | systemd-cat -p err, the popup quickly appears on any DE.

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Why are running in MBR mode instead of UEFI?

Yeah, this machine is beaut.

Aha, get it, will be helpful to find the root cause

Because there is a Windows 7 installation on the same nvme driver. Unfortunately i can’t ditch it due to heavy use of old multimedia software.

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