Firefox To Collect Anonymized Search Data

Looks like it’s opt-out as well. Not to start a flame war over Mozilla again but just thought people should know.


I would think that most people uncheck those boxes already. I have been doing that for years.


Yeah. Mine was already unchecked.

any new install I take 15 minutes to adjust Firefox settings, then move on to about:config.
then get Umatrix and one other extension.
and then I can use the browser.
this is pretty much Firefox religion for me. I behave this way in a live environment as well.
if I’m feeling squirelly I get the betterfox user.js but usually I do a good job.

Why is using Firefox always about staying one step ahead of their shenanigans?


I see Mozilla is at it again, it is getting really annoying.

I also found this bug report recently, which is even worse:

If you clean cookies / site data on exit and set exceptions for sites you want to stay logged in, it disables Total Cookie Protection for those sites too (because Firefox doesn’t differentiate between exceptions for disabling Total Cookie Protection and just disabling cleaning on exit).

I has been open for over 2 years and not seen any meaningful activity at all …


so if I set no exceptions I am exempt from this?

Yep, if you never set any exceptions you were not affected.

If you did set exceptions and removed them now, you will have to log in to sites and maybe redo some site settings (if they were stored in local storage / cookies) every time to restart your browser.

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I wonder how Librewolf is affected by this two issues - any Knowledge about it anyone?

I assume they will remove the new telemetry since they already do that anyway.

But it should be affected by the second issue all the same, since it is a Firefox bug / shortcoming of core functionality.

With the latest version of Firefox for U.S. desktop users, we’re introducing a new way to measure search activity broken down into high level categories. This measure is not linked with specific individuals and is further anonymized using a technology called OHTTP to ensure it can’t be connected with user IP addresses.

Only for U.S. desktop users?

For now that seems like the case. I would assume that they open that up to the rest of the world eventually.

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Just me, but fine. If this becomes a thing, fine. I already disabled telemetry from the Security tab personally, but I won’t mind sharing this info with Mozilla. I honestly trust Mozilla more than Google or god forbid Meta.