Firefox theming and fonts

I dont know if my question i relevant to the forum, but i am trying to migrate from Chromium to Firefox. But i dont know what dark theme to use with the browser and also what fonts is better and most identical with this that Chrome has. Any opinions?

Firefox comes with dark, light and default themes. You can also add other themes. I’m sure you can look at the fonts in chromium and match it up in Firefox if that is what you are looking to do. I pretty much stick with the defaults and don’t change much in that regard. I think it’s all a matter of personal preference. Everyone’s vision is somewhat different, what appeals to you may be different than myself or someone else so it’s really what you like. :grin:

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Did you tried YANDEX ? It seems to have possibilities for dark theme. I will have to check it, I use once few days ago, I found it very fast and surprising…

Never heard it. I give it a try

You have directly Yandex browser version on AUR
Package : yandex-browser-beta

There is a choice inside interface for Light or Dark theme.
Here it’s in French (Light=Lumineux and Obscur=Dark)

I could tell that Deepin distro on the latest release replaced Firefox by Yandex, good to know…

Yandex? A closed source browser from Russia? Sounds very trustworthy.

The same cliché on DEEPIN distro because it was Chinese, but today they are on 10th position from DistroWatch… I remember you just in case, if the Nasa could bring space shuttle in space, it’s because they bought Russian motors long time ago…and ISS is about 20 years of collaboration between Russia and USA…why to not trust exactly ?

Nice whataboutism.

I would chose Waterfox over Firefox because the latter collecting telemetry, but WF seems to be broken right now (and has been for a while).

I installed Deepin on the GFs laptop and nothing wrong with that distro if you just surf, whatch movies and do basic work. It’s a bit of a head scratcher if you want something outside of what they’re offering out of the box, but that might have something to do with me not being fluent in Debian. :wink:

Deepin and EndeavourOS are totally inverse, Deepin proposes everything already installed, a complete list of software but like @Mr_Ecks told if you want something not on the list problems appears in inverse EndeavourOS is minimalist with the minimum of tools and Firefox but you are free to add what you want. :rocket:

Deepin is still on 4.15 Linux where EndeavourOS is already on 5.11 The result of this, a ryzen 2200G doesn’t work on Deepin needs at least Linux 4.19 to work…

Fixed released vs Rolling release

Like always you couldn’t have it all, but at least you have the choice !

… yandex-browser is simple chromium with some changes …

Which browser is not? :wink: Except FF-based and IE?

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Souvenir Souvenir Netscape I used in 1998 ! :comet:
I saw Brave Browser in the Discovery mag, did someone already use it ?


I do some test usings with it some time before. But a stable release say me to try again​:grin:


Yes, i use the brave browser since a few months. In the early days i used it as my second browser next to firefox. Now i use brave most of the time, firefox only sometimes.

I like brave very much, because of the adblocker and i had no crashes, since i used him. You can take the addons from the chrome web store (is based on chromium).

I recommend brave and can only say, install and try. :grinning:

If you try to install take the brave-bin package from the AUR, the brave package doesn´t install successful.

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Hey guys, all i was asking its about firefox theming :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Stay with Firefox :enos: :wink:

Thanks for the info, I will give a try for Brave.
Would make more sense to move part of this Thread on a new one called Others browsers than FF and Chrome ! If someone has the power of it ?

Have you tried to rummage in the settings?