Firefox stutter - Flatpak only or everywhere?

I’ve noticed since I installed Gnome, and for fun installed Firefox thru flatpak (v 80.something) seemingly random Youtube videos stutter.

Has anyone else noticed this or is it a flatpak only issue?

I don’t use the flatpak, and I haven’t noticed that on my little laptop with (manjaro) gnome or my other machines.


Well I radically tested. And yes, the stutter disappear with the non-flatpak version.

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Seems you’ve already figured out it was flatpak that was the culprit, but I thought I’d chime in anyway to confirm that there’s no issues for me. I have FF on my lappy and on my desktop (tbf they are both high end machines anyway…) and noticed no issues with the native package.

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My suspicion is that it is a X11 / Wayland problem. Apparently Firefox flatpak always run as X11 even on a Wayland system.