Firefox Starts OK but then

  1. I’m running the April edition from a usb stick. Tried two different sticks.

  2. Booting is S L O W … discussed elsewhere. 10 minutes is NOT acceptable!

  3. Firefox starts normally with the introductory screen plus the adertorial to use Firefox for everything. Will go to websites in the normal way.

  4. If left for a break (I do have to eat, socialise, etc.) it looks normal and the usb mouse/pointer moves across the screen as before. However, neither keyboard entry or left/right clicks produce any result. I have to reboot to regain control of my desktop. Is this an issue with the usb system (mouse is on the usb ports) or maybe it is related to ‘sleep’ mode … when the computer is left for some time??

Thanks for any discussion


Hi Ricardo,

Could you bring more informations about your material ? sure boot is less than 1mn so 10mn, you certainly have a problem…

First did you checksum your dowload ISO ?
What did you use to build your live ISO ?

Yeah, xfce screen lock is freezing the system on live environment (after 5 or 10 minutes).
We have this fixed for the “fix realease iso”.

To avoid this using the current iso you need to open a terminal and type xset s off -dpms &
OBS: need to use the command everytime you reboot or logoff. That will prevent the screen to turn off and freeze.

Thanks for that. Will make the change straight away.


Thanks to the responders. Here is the up-to-date reply. I went and installed the iso on my laptop.

The problems just went away! I put down the laptop and went and had a shower. Upon my return I was asked for my password and it just worked. It may have something to do with my usb channel - attempting to run a distribution from a stick is a big load on usb2.

As an aside, the install took a very long time … with stops at around the 19% finished and later on. I outlasted it! It eventually did finish and then boot correctly. I was able to update my repositories and load new software. It seems to be working normally.

pentium dual-core T4500 @ 2.3GHz
4 Gig of ram
graphics - Intel Mobile 4 Series chipset integrated Graphics Controller


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