Firefox no sound

i tried to fix this firefox no sound issue myself, but …i have so much other issues…

can someone tell me a quick soln… i am out of time. … too much issue to handle at one shot.
is it some sound daemon need to be activate ?

Is this on a system that has five Desktop Environments installed?


pulseaudio is used on arch…

you have paprefs and pavucontrol GUI tools.

first try remove settings:
rm -R ~/.config/pulse logout and in again …
and check if it change something… by starting firefox in terminal and check if it put error on output.
provide logs is helpful too as it says:

yes… aha… i need to reinstall it… else what the point of fixing it. i forgot. .

let me reinstall… if still got prob i will refer to your instruction. thx

On a clean install (with only one DE) you will probably not have this problem :wink:


right. indeed. plasma is good in many ways. but no bluetooth.