Firefox is screwed up

After an update (its possible that it was before I updated) my Firefox app has been acting… odd.

  1. Google’s quirk mode is sometimes used on websites (not big ones like google)
  2. Can’t load into any Google files without a “server error” being displayed constantly
  3. Some heavy graphical applications (like Lucidchart) fail to load

This is not an error on my internet as websites listed above work just fine on other devices. I’ve reinstalled Firefox, deleted cookies, removed my cache, and restarted. What else can I do?

Try downgrading Firefox to test it the issue is related to upgrading Firefox, or something else.

If you have Downgrade installed:

sudo downgrade firefox

Otherwise, follow the guidance here:

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I’d first suggest trying a new profile in Firefox. about:profiles. You can create one and launch a new browser with that profile.

That’ll isolate any addons or a potentially corrupted config.

Don’t understand how this even happens. I’ve been using Firefox for a long long time and i just never have these kind of issues. I don’t believe it’s Firefox but other changes or installed packages. :man_shrugging:


Firefox 116 runs without issues on my system as well. I’m pretty sure an add-on is causing this. Perhaps one of the add-ons are incompatible with the latest version of FF.


Try launching Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode and then test it’s behavior. All add-ons, as well as HW acceleration and some customized settings will be temporary disabled.
That way you’ll be able to narrow down possible source of the problem way easier.