FireFox fonts are driving me crazy

@Kresimir said it first:



only problems with fonts in firefox for me get solved by installing ttf-ms-fonts from AUR

Thanks @Alexander for posting this problem and @keybreak for posting the solution. I never realized font renditions looked so terrible in Firefox and a few other apps. Applied this fix on both my desktop and laptop. Night and day.

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I’m glad it worked out for you!

I did the tweak on my Cinnamon DE and I think I see a change. I probably should have made a screenshot from before. But I think think the letters look better now.

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I just did it on my Arch Cinnamon DE, seems to have worked.

Has this been remedied or is this still necessary. Anyone know?


I haven’t done it on Arch/Xfce or EOS Plasma and it seems like its not needed, according to my eyes anyway lol. :nerd_face:

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