Firefox doubling on session restore? (and logout/shutdown ignoring)


I was wrong and at first have (unsuccessfully) tried Reddit to get an answer, but I guess the forum is more appropriate place. So, asking here.

Up to date plasma on X11 is in use (with amdgpu if it does matter). On KDE session restore I get two Firefox windows. One of them is opened with restored tabs, another one without. Have tried to start with new ~/.mozilla directory.

Also Log Out command does nothing - I’m forced to restart sddm from terminal beyond X11. To shutdown I’m forced to use poweroff.

I see, too many problems are listed in one post, but I guess session storing/restoring and logging out/shutting down could be related.

I haven’t used session restore in ages, but I seem to remember (back in Plasma 5) having similar issues. Obviously, I just turned it off, it’s not hard to click on FF. However, yes, not a good tech solution.

The problem has appeared about a week or two ago.

For logout and shutdown, do qdbus org.kde.Shutdown /Shutdown org.kde.Shutdown.logout and qdbus org.kde.Shutdown /Shutdown org.kde.Shutdown.logoutAndShutdown respectively work?

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Have tried the first - I get the same result: black screen with cursor (that is graphical mode is still kept). Then I do Ctrl-Alt-F3 to restart sddm from terminal.

Probably I must to add Shutdown command result in the same behavior I have described above - black screen with graphical cursor forever (at least 10 minute), and I could open terminal via Ctrl+Alt+Fn and restart sddm.