Firefox Blocks Anti-Censorship Add-Ons



There is a topic on the Mozilla Discourse here:



This link isn’t working for me for some reason. Not even the main discourse page for Mozilla.

Maybe they also blocked the discourse because there was too much discourse on this topic?

Never mind. It just loaded after a few more tries.

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No issue on my side.

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Any reason not to just ignore the Russian government?

Mozilla gave into the dark side I guess. They’re funded by Google anyway.

Let’s all make an alternative addon store or something.

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Found an article on ghacks.

EDIT: Sorry, Missing the point :sweat_smile:

Our mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all

This aged well…

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Mozilla already lost it’s sanity.
At least Google removed their motto “Don’t be evil”. While Mozilla faking itself

We’re not a normal tech company. The things we create prioritize people and their privacy over profits. We exist to make the internet a healthier, happier place for everyone.

“Nice browser you’ve got there. It would be a shame if it fell out of a ninth floor window” -–2024)


We actually block ALL Russian media as far as I know.

Just to provide an update to this topic, Mozilla has already reversed the decision and will restore the censorship circumvention tools.

"In alignment with our commitment to an open and accessible internet, Mozilla will reinstate previously restricted listings in Russia. Our initial decision to temporarily restrict these listings was made while we considered the regulatory environment in Russia and the potential risk to our community and staff.

As outlined in our Manifesto, Mozilla’s core principles emphasize the importance of an internet that is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Users should be free to customize and enhance their online experience through add-ons without undue restrictions.

By reinstating these add-ons, we reaffirm our dedication to:

  • Openness: Promoting a free and open internet where users can shape their online experience.

  • Accessibility: Ensuring that the internet remains a public resource accessible to everyone, regardless of geographical location.

We remain committed to supporting our users in Russia and worldwide and will continue to advocate for an open and accessible internet for all."

It seems it was just a temporary precaution while they figured out if it was practical or even safe to disobey the demands of the Russian government.


The worst that could happen was that Russia would ban Firefox from being distributed in Russia, not that bad, right?

Apple has removed several VPN apps from its App Store in Russia at the request of the government’s communications watchdog, according to VPN makers.

Last week, Russian news agency Interfax reported that Apple had removed 25 VPN apps from its App Store in Russia after Roskomnadzor, a government body that regulates the internet — including what Russians can access — demanded the removals.


I’m in favor of anything that makes Apple products worse.

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Apple hater confirmed.
Same here. :sweat_smile: