Firefox Blackbox on Launch

Hey all,

I am using a relatively fresh install (about 1 week old) of Endeavour OS Artemis. Firefox is preinstalled of course, but I noticed odd behavior on my machine whenever I open the application.

I get a brief black box before the window loads and it is visually very annoying. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this behavior and/or knows a workaround.

I have searched the forums and the internet and either I am not using the correct keywords, I’m the only one with the issue, or I’m the only one who cares.

Any help would be great! Screenshots attached.

Edit: Just to add a note, this behavior was happening before any customization was applied.

Hmmm, does this happen on both Wayland and Xorg?

Ah, just on Wayland does it occur.

I kind of want to use Wayland. I hate discovering deal-breakers.

Wayland is still hit or miss sometimes, not all applications fully support it yet, but that’ll continue to change the more it gets adopted. I use Xorg still myself because I got that black box issue happen to me in Firefox, Vivaldi, and in Nautilus. You’re welcome to still use Wayland if you want, I believe there are some workarounds out there to enable wayland support in Firefox, but I haven’t done that myself so I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction outside of a “firefox wayland support how to” search

I’d check out the Arch wiki first here and see if that helps or solves your issue, if not there’s other’s here that can probably chime in on this issue. Wish you luck!

Click below for Firefox Wayland support:

edit: you can check if you’re using xwayland or the native wayland backend by going to about:support in firefox and searching for “wayland”

Thank you very much for your swift and knowledgeable reply.

At the very least I don’t feel like I’m going crazy. I’ve been using Xorg since forever so I guess I can stay here for now (not like it wasn’t already on my machine haha).

Thanks again!

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