Firefox and Thunderbird blurry police

Hello and thank you very much for all this incredible work.
I’m using now swaywm as my daily driver but I have a problem with Firefox and Thunderbird that got blurry policies. I tried Garuda Swaywm on another computer and there is not this problem with Garuda. Do you know why and is there a solution on Endeavouros ? I prefer much more Endeavour simplicity. I have a 1.7 scale on output. Only Firefox and Thunderbird are sensible to scaling in Endeavour.

Hey welcome back

I’m unsure what you mean by blurry policies / polices. Are they blurry or is it something else?


Don’t you just hate it when you have a bit too much to drink and you just end up in a political discussion and the topic just wanders off to the subject of retaking Constantinople, and then everything becomes blurry when the police arrives, and you’re like “not again!”… I mean, I wouldn’t know what that is like, but I’ve heard it’s unpleasant. :frog:


Hi, fonts(and icons as well) were blurry only in Firefox and Thunderbird. I finally found on the web to add MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 firefox, instead of : BROWSER= firefox, in etc/environment file. This single line worked for both Firefox and Thunderbird. Still don’t know how they manage it in Garuda because their environment file is empty.