Firefox 89: No more videos working

Hello guys,

i have a strange behavior of my firefox 89. Since now there is no way to play videos. It’s independent from the source, netflix doesn’t work and neither do other platforms work. Do you have an idea what’s the matter?

Thank you.

I found out what it is. I had to reinstall my firefox. But i don’t know why it it doesn’t work.

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I think he means that he didn’t know why it not played video but now it does…

There were updates about alsa and its dependencies today, and then the same thing happened to me. I restarted the system and it was fixed

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Hmmm… If he doesn’t know what it was, why then:


I had the same issue after the pulseaudio & alsa updates. Surely, everyone knows that pulseaudio always requires a reboot after installation or upgrade, don’t they?

More likely some do some don’t?

But then:
[2021-06-06T11:54:55+0200] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] WARNING: Non-backwards compatible changes to ALSA require restarting of audio engines (e.g. pulseaudio or pipewire) using it.

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I actually had the exact same behavior. I thought it was the h.256 compatibility so I updated those and it didn’t seem to fix anything. Same issue; no errors.

Rebooted my computer and everything started working normally. Tried to dig into the problem but it’s just not there anymore.

TLDR: Reboot after update.

I had no idea it required a reboot after an upgrade, but I had no problems with videos.

Nope, this was new to me. Had the same thing happen but no pulseaudio stuff involved, only ALSA. And I didn’t know a reboot was required after updating ALSA related packages either, can’t remember seeing a message so I must’ve missed it this time. Reboot indeed solved it, btw.

Yes i’m sorry for my bad english, still improving i guess.
What i want to say was that i found out that a reinstallation of firefox works great and i want still to know why it doesn’t work in the first place.

Since someone else had the same problems like mine, i almost thought that i’m weird.
Maybe it was just what you all wrote already, a problem with the prior update(s).

Thanks so far.

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Yes I read that when updating my second computer.

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Since i now run Pipewire that explains why I didn’t get this problem this time.

I also run Pipewire and I got the issue (reboot required) before audio started working.

I had the same issue after updating a bunch of packages yesterday without rebooting and a simple reboot solved it. It was not only Firefox, but all web browsers.