😒 Firefox 109's Unfied Extension Button

If you happen not to like the new Unified Extension Button, want to to remove it to get the old functionality back (moving the extension buttons in the toolbar, pinning and unpinning them in the Overflow Menu):

Type: about:config in the URL bar
Type unified in the search box
The first item to show up should be: extensions.UnifiedExtensions.enabled
Set it to false and restart the browser.


In that case I get an arrow which just hides that stupid thing. I’d rather see nothing in its place like two versions ago.

Don’t use the Oveflow Menu then.

I like it, but I accept that there will be (wrong) people who don’t, so thank you @pebcak

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thank you. i use firefox esr mostly . when i wanted to use the updated firefox again i couldn’t find my extensions :laughing: afraid i was loose them :rofl:
finally i could put firefoxmultiaccount containers and ublock origin back into the menu

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De gustibus non est disputandum



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LOL is it wrong for me to complain about extra elements on the screen that take away from seeing the web page which is even more important? Oh yeah I forgot, I have to press F11 so I could see even more of the page. But that is annoying in itself.

There was also the “Pocket”, something totally worthless to me, but that is allowed hidden, but “extensions” isn’t. To me, this is a rather poor attempt to force everybody into a single style of going into Internet. I might add, I’ve found a distro which involves Firefox including a certain very popular extension ready to go! I don’t know what else to say about that…

I was complaining, that’s all. Anybody could do it. I have to use Firefox but I don’t want to, but the other options aren’t better. I forced Internet upon myself, the chief reason why. It feels so good to let out the pressure… :wink:

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I like Pocket, and use it a lot. I used it back when it was called Read It Later, and long before it was bought before Mozilla :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My use of the word “(wrong)” was not in any way serious :clown_face:

Its back in Nightly and the pref no longer works. The only way to get rid of it, if you feel you don’t need it is with css.

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Not sure if I’m missing something. Here, it just works as an overflow menu replacement. If I click the button I get a list of the extensions, and those I can right-click and pin to the toolbar. And vice versa. Exactly like the earlier overflow menu, just with a changed name.

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Me too! I like Gnome also. :wink:

The thing is now I have both an Overflow Menu (for other settings controls) and an Extension menu (only for extensions. Previously I could put everything under one and the same menu.

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OK, I see. I used the overflow only for extension. It disappeared and got replaced by the new button.

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What extensions do you install exactly? Also what is the overflow menu?

Edit: Are you meaning Firefox or Gnome?

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You could customize your toolbar and, if you want to, put some items in the so called Overflow Menu:

Overflow Menu

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I do Gnome in private browsing with Firefox and extensions… :rofl:

I don’t have this Unified Extension Button? It’s not on my Firefox 109? :thinking:

clear you overflow menu

Why do browsers hate customization?

I dread the day modernity and browsers will creep up on me. My Firefox is so heavily about:config’ed that it will barely hold together, to act like any reasonable early 2000’s browser should. Each year you have to do more and more obscure stuff to it, to keep it that way.