Firefox 106: Gesture Navigation

I just found out about this by chance today after the update to 106:

Screenshot from 2022-10-18 14-03-37

Screenshot from 2022-10-18 14-02-59

so I looked it up:

Ground-breaking it ain’t, but effective it is — a change that brings Firefox up-to-par with features offered by other Linux browsers, like Epiphany. Look out for it in Firefox 106.



Reminds me of how I found out I could drag a tab to another screen by chance

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The update to Firefox 106 has reached my laptop, and I’m making gestures right now :v:

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If you want to decrease a bit the distance that the icon will move before the swipe to left or right is triggered, you could play with the value of this key:


in about:config

I use a mouse :mouse2:

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Me too, the laptop has a touchscreen but the only time i ever use it is by accident when moths or other bugs land on the screen

I dislike touch screen devices unless i was using it on a big wall display monitor or something. Like they do on the weather channel. :laughing:

Same, the only touchscreen device I use on purpose is my phone & thats just so I can have a phone that does what I need it to do

I don’t particularly like mobile platforms either. The layout is so hard to use compared to the computer. It is what it is but it’s not my favourite.

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