Finishing a game

Have you ever finished any games?

this kid finished tetris :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think a lot of us finish games.

However, “finishing” a modern game and accomplishing what that boy has done are very different achievements. The skill and dedication it must have taken to achieve that are both worthy of praise.


thats why I posted the news video :wink:

His mom looks so emotional at the end when he is talking about how his dad would have been proud. :broken_heart:

I watched another video related to this earlier today:

As someone who is very removed from this scene, I really had no idea about any of this–the bugs in the game and all the research that has gone into them, the alternative techniques for using the controller (looks very bizarre!), etc–and found the whole video pretty interesting.

Honestly, I’m not sure I even understand what is physically happening to the controller with the “rolling” technique, where they tap the bottom with a gloved hand while they play. Then again, perhaps that’s why the highest level I have ever made it to in Tetris is somewhere in the high teens. I used to think I was pretty good, too! :joy:


I think there is a drama movie about tetris that just came out or is about to come out. Depicting how it came to be on the game boy.

edit: a yes here it is

I’m pretty sure that none of the game devs back then has anticipated, while writing some insane arbitrary numbers, that someone will actually be insane enough to dare… :rofl: