Fingerprint scanner on HP ProBook 455 G1 with Xfce

I would like to use (or at least try) the fingerprint sensor available on my old notebook (HP ProBook 455 G1). The notebook runs EOS Xfce. What additional software would I need to install?

This is normally a good place to start researching:



Google is your friend.


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Isn’t that a little arrogant, mister?

No señor! I don’t think so!
You asked what you need to install.
I pointed out where you could find it out by yourself.
What’s arrogant about it?

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i no have finger scanner . some info here might help

" "


It won’t work if the hardware isn’t supported. You’ll have to go through the process in order to determine that. The list of devices isn’t updated often if at all so i would go through the steps and see if it works or not. I tried it on my lenovo Thinkbook and couldn’t get it working at the time. Newer kernels and updates since then so maybe i try it again sometime.

Thanks for the answer @ricklinux , @Shjim . Fortunately there are people here who take the purpose of the forum seriously.

If the scanner is not usable, that’s not a problem either. The question was just out of curiosity and interest. I will read in once I have some time again.

Some people have also very short memory !

So you needed that someone put the word fingerprint into the search box at

Well then, sorry for not being of any help to you sir!

I think @pebcak was giving you the same info in a different form. :innocent:

There is a good chance that there are people here in the forum (already because of the strangely high spread of these folding computers) who can report on this topic from their own experience, just as any of us would like to do to help. You are snot me this link. Then better keep your mouth shut …

I stand by my statement: you are an arrogant person.

And now, report to me!

And you are a person who want others do something that they can do by themselves. What are they called… ah Help Vampires!


Okay… lets not take this where it doesn’t need to go. @Balder I’m not sure what set you off but I don’t think @pebcak was doing anything intentionally to do this. I sometimes do the same and just post a link without explanation. It’s not that uncommon.

That’s bullshit and you know it.

The best thing to do is to make a list here of what questions you’re still allowed to ask without being called a vampire. And don’t forget to pin it.

What would this world be without these self-appointed thought police …

It’s not about just posting a link. I have already done that too. It’s about the way a request for help is responded to. In this case, the only thing missing would have been: Google is your friend.

I have tagged the solution and I’m out of here.

I know you are a little annoyed but as i stated I don’t think @pebcak meant anything by his post with a link. We are all here for the same reason so lets just call it a day cool off and move on. Agree to disagree and a :handshake:


The whole ‘irritation-thing’ already started one thread earlier. It seems that someone, or either one may find some challenges in dealing with anger management… not sure, but if so,

back to class!


What about it?
You post some erroneous commands and you are pointed out to where to look for in order to get a better understanding for the matter.

Then you start spamming the thread with more erroneous suggestions and irrelevant questions instead of really going back to class. And the thread was about the wireless issue and not pipewire.

The pipewire was working just fine. So totally irrelevant input. And to top it off:

At least some credit to you for admitting being confused:

Perhaps you should learn to show more appreciation for people who spend time here voluntarily to help, and to learn to help. You seem to not like the learning part.

Good place to be! I’m sure you will be On-Topic there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Man, this was a joke from my end. Come on! Cheer up. I have no intent on arguing. Sorry, I’m out of here, but thank you for all the lessons you’ve already given me, and chances to learn more about how linux works.


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Off-Topic again!

Good Day!

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