Finding where hotkeys are set on vanilla Cinnamon install

I am new to EndeavourOS.

I installed Cinnamon and would like to set Super-1 to workspace 1, Super-2 to workspace 2, etc.

Super 1 - 4 are already set to browser, terminal, file manager and system settings. Where is the config file that sets that? For example, if I open the keyboard settings application, I see that the terminal is set to hotkey Ctrl-Alt-T. If I try to set the workspace 1 shortcut to Super-1, i get the browser opening instead of capturing Super-1.

Is there a way to get rid of the vanilla settings for Super-1…? Will that cause problems with the system? What do most Cinnamon users set for Workspace 1… hotkeys?

System settings - Keyboard - Shortcuts

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Thanks for the reply, ksergk.

I was using the keyboard settings, specifically Workspaces > Direct Navigation. This is where I was trying to set Super-1 to Workspace-1.

What I was doing wrong was clicking on Add custom shortcut instead of double-clicking on Unassigned when I had Workspaces > Direct Navigation > Workspace 1 selected. When I did it correctly, I now have Super-1 taking me to Workspace-1. And Super-2 taking me to Workspace-2.

However, Super-3 and Super-4 still bring up the file manager and system settings respectively. This was part of my original question - where are those settings? I can’t find them using the Cinnamon UI stuff.

I did find the Settings for moving left to the previous left workspace (Ctrl-Alt-Left) and right workspace (Ctrl-Alt-Right) which will cycle back and next through my four workspaces from the keyboard. I really don’t want to resort to the mouse to get there. I can work with this arrangement.

My final query: Where is Super-3 set to file manager and Super-4 set to System Settings? These override anything I set through keyboard setting for these combinations.


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