Finding the home partition of another *nix with same name

I am thoroughly enjoying my new shiny Qtile EOS. I have just moved from MX Linux after many years of usage. I noticed that one of my home partition that i used to mount on MX Linux is not auto mounted on EOS. I used the same login names on all OS.

My MX home partition used to be mounted at /home/pannet1
My EOS is loaded in a single separate partition, also at /home/pannet1, means no dedicated partition.

Whilst, I am able to see all the partitions auto detected under /media/pannet1/run/name, i am unable to find the other home partition. I actually made EOS to auto mount by adding an entry in the fstab but i am curious to know which script auto mounts the partitions and if there is a way to make changes to it.

I tried a quick google but I am not able to find an answer. Can anyone enlighten me.

Bumping this, not because I am not impatient. Just checking if the community missed this post altogether.

I don’t know much about qtile but I would guess it is handled by udisks2 and udev rules.

That being said, for an internal drive, a permanent mount in /etc/fstab is probably a better solution than relying on an automount anyway.

A couple of side points to your story:

  • The mount locations in other distros doesn’t matter. Partitions don’t know where they are mounted.
  • The usernames used also don’t matter. Permissions aren’t tied to usernames they are tied to UIDs. If the usernames are the same and the UIDs different, the permissions won’t match. The opposite is also true.
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Ok. Got it. I just have to remember to remove the fstab entry when the partitions scheme changes, i think.

What do you mean? You only need to remove it if you remove the partition itself which may be what you are referring to with partition scheme changes.

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Yeap, when i remove MX Linux completely the home partition may become useless because, i wont be dual booting anymore. That time, i may merge the home partition and MX LInux /root partition to utilize for some other purpose. Then, the uuid will change and hence my manual entry will become irrelevant. Not sure, if i reconfig grub the manual fstab entry will be removed or not.

Definitely not. You will need to remove it manually.

You might consider adding nofail to the mount options in case you forget.

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Sure, I will do it now.

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