Finding the app that handles a shortcut

I’m having trouble configuring a particular shortcut for use with warpd. I want Meta+x to trigger the warpd hint mode, but when I try to start warpd I get an error:

Error: Failed to grab M-x (ensure it isn't mapped by another application)

I have no binding set for M-x in plasma, so I have no idea what application has grabbed that shortcut. How do I figure it out?

I’m not a regular Plasma user, but I am running an instance of Plasma in a virtual machine, so I’ll attempt an answer to your question.

When I go to System Settings > Shortcuts, a Search box appears. When I type meta+x in the Search box, the search results show that I have mapped Meta+X to System Services > Log Out.

Do you see any results when you search for meta+x?

What happens when you press Meta+X? On my system, the Log Out screen appears.

It’s not mapped to any plasma shortcut, I removed the default one. I get no results when I search for it in shortcuts, and nothing apparent happens when I press it.

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Can you please post a screenshot of how you have mapped the shortcut in settings? Post the last two tabs of the config window. Will help a lot to answer you.

I don’t have warpd mapped in KDE’s settings, because that’s not how warpd works. You’re supposed to write a config file for warpd that includes the shortcuts you want to use. Mine looks like this:

# triggering shortcuts
hint_activation_key: M-x
hint_oneshot_key: M-X

# navigation keys
left: Left
down: Down
up: Up
right: Right

I don’t think the problem is with warpd. It works fine with the default shortcuts (e.g. A-M-x) and with other custom shortcuts (e.g. M-g). But for some reason it can’t grab M-x.