Finding A Mirror

When I installed Endeavour OS today, it asked me to find a mirror. Due to the resolution of my monitor (32" Westinghouse TV HDMI connected to Lenovo ThinkPad T430), the box to select countries did not scroll to the bottom, or rather, the bottom was off the bottom of the screen. I could not resize the window nor could I move it to where the bottom could get higher. Since the UK and US and other U countries were off the bottom of my screen, I could not effectively select a new country.

Eventually I solved the problem by increasing the resolution of my monitor. I should not have had to do that. I keep it at 720p because of poor eyesight (ditto for why I have a 32" monitor).

I can probably provide a screenshot of that if you need it.

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What resolution are you setting it to? I think is 1280x720 is 720P HD Or maybe 1366 x 768
You might have to experiment and see what works for you. I don’t know what specs your video card has.

Usually you can move the window by doing the following things:

  • press the Alt key and keep it pressed during the operation
  • move the mouse on the window, e.g. in the middle of it
  • drag the window by keeping the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse

Long explanation but easy to do.

You can also scroll the window contents with the mouse wheel.

I guess you had the issue with the welcome app and the update button. If so, just update your system and it should be better for your screen now.


It is true that I did not know the Alt key trick. I’ve been in computers since 1982, how did I miss that? At any rate, I set it to a higher resolution, finished the job, and set my res back again.

As for graphics, the T430 has just basic Intel graphics, no AMD or Nvidia stuff.

I currently have two laptops, both multibooting. The weaker one is an IdeaPad 110 with AMD A6 chips. I haven’t tried Endeabour on it yet.

I would like to state that this has been a much better experience than Manjaro or other attempts to install Arch, as well as SuSE and more recent attempts at Mandriva.


By the way, thanks for reporting that window size issue. A good reminder that we must keep in mind that people’s needs may vary more than we first thought.

And I know from personal experience that it is easy to miss some small (but useful) tricks. But anyway, we have all the lifetime for leaning new things and tricks. :slight_smile:


I have the same setup. A 32 inch Samsung LED TV that is 720 only, no 1080, at a resolution of 1366 x 768. It works perfectly for my 69 year old post cataract surgery eyes!