Film Scanner Compatibility

Hello, I have been using Linux Mint for a year and switched to EndeavourOS with Cinnamon as it seemed less chunky. I haven’t encountered any issues for almost two years. As a simple basic user with minimal needs, I am not very familiar with advanced topics.

I am willing to pay for user interface applications or drivers if needed. My scanning needs are basic, as I do not edit my photos in GIMP or similar applications. I prefer a simple archival approach, which includes scanning, cropping, fixing minor issues like brightness and film curvature, and that’s essentially it.

I am interested in purchasing a film scanner, but the OS compatibility concerns me. Currently, I am considering the Epson V600, but I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience using a film scanner with EndeavourOS as their primary operating system.

Has anyone managed to use a film scanner without VirtualBox? If so, could you please share the scanner model, aplications, etc you are using?

The linux drivers for your eyed Epson scanner come as deb (Debian) and rpm (Redhat/Fedora) packages (I downloaded and extracted the latest driver package from that site to check.)

Myself, I have used debtap on Arch / EnOS to convert the deb-packages to Arch at first, and installing the drivers for my Brother multi-function printer/scanner wasn’t really successful (it only worked partially).

So then I found it easier to just install the dnf-package and install scanner drivers via the dnf package-manager on Arch systems, and it always has worked out-of-the-box on various Arch based computers and virtual machines.

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1 aur/iscan-plugin-gt-x820 2.2.1-2 [+6 ~0.00]
    iscan plugin for Epson Colorio GT-X820 Perfection V600 Photo scanners

They seem to be in AUR.