File View in Dolphin

I have my Pictures folder set to show icons and previews while the other folders are set to details.
How can I set dolphin to use icons and previews to all the subfolders under Pictures without manually setting them all individually.

Configure Dolphin->General->Behavior->Use common display style for all folders

I only want Pictures folder and its subfolders to use icons. All the rest are set to details

I don’t use KDE, but you should be able to find a setting like this:

The “Remember display style for each folder” option is what you’re looking for.


When I install I make sure “Use common display style for all folders” is selected, then since in my case large icons are used the most I set that from the toolbar and open a few folders, close all but one, then go into Dolphin settings and change to “Remember display style for each folder”. Then any folder that’s opened is on large icons and can be changed to the view setting I normally use for it.

In your case you’ll have to figure out which icon style you use the most and set it as your default even if it means on your one fold you have to manually set your icon view in it’s subfolders.

Thats what I do. I was hoping there was a way to have it change the subfolders, but I just ended up changing each one separately

Unfortunately there isn’t one that I know of and I’ve looked in the past. I suppose it can’t hurt to look again. Try the KDE forums.

Something like this?

For your use case, I think you need to select “Current folder and sub-folders” in the View Properties dialog while keeping “Remember display style for each folder” selected.


To obtain this menu, see

That applied to EVERY folder and icon on the system, so no.

That works like a charm. The only thing they need to add to it is the default and preview options.

I’m not entirely sure.

I’m just repeating what was stated in the documentation.

Unless I’m mistaken, this seems to be what @Rob-H intended. From the OP, he just wants all subfolders under Pictures to have the same view settings.

Please see me edited post above yours.

Ah. I missed that reply. My bad.

I can’t even find this view properties tab or menu in Dolphin? :thinking:

This is a wild guess on my part, but maybe it can be found in the context menu that pops up when you right click a directory?

Someone already provided an answer below.

Menu->More->View->Adjust Display Style

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Easiest way is to make sure you Menubar is showing and go to View, then the very bottom is Adjust Display View Style.

That seems to work. Thanks :+1:

Okay… I wasn’t looking at it right! :wink:

I’m going to once again take a wild guess here.

Maybe you need to change the “View” option from “Use common display style for all folders” to “Remember display style for each folder” inside Dolphin’s general preferences for those additional options to appear in the Display Style dialog?