File system

secure boot disabled :wink:

Or fastboot?

Is disabled. Reset bios to default settings. Just Legacy enabled

Now can you boot from USB stick in BIOS legacy mode?

No, the same “picture “…”job control turned off”… what’s it? I never see this

So there’s no way you can boot that machine?

Are you sure the USB stick is working?

Very sure. I have another usb with Prime Os … but is android . Can help us ???

And windows 10 on dvd :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::joy:

Well… If the windows dvd is the only thing that can boot it, I suggest you do that… :wink: Maybe the windows dvd can make the disk usable again, as you cannot boot to it in any other way (I assume).

Boot in Android :joy:

I haven’t used that, so unfortunately I cannot help…

Whats about restore your backup?

Any chance to resolve from this ??

I don’t know if that can do anything other than delete partitions, but if you have nothing important there, that might help you re-install the system.

What is in partitions sda3 and sda4?

I guess sda4 contains your /home, right?
Then sda3 contains the Linux stuff.

If that is the case, then delete re-create sda3 and re-install. Do not touch other partitions.

EDIT: resizing the sda4 partition (ONLY IF it contains the /home stuff!) can be done at the beginning of installing (with gparted). If you do so, be very careful!


Right, that’s OK then.

Hopefully your backups are good! :wink:

You could re-create sda3 (to ext4 if possible) with that android, and then check if you can boot with the EndeavourOS USB stick.

Already done, don’t want . Installed android on sda5( free space ) , maybe I’m able to make the usb again ( prime is is based on Linux )

OK. Hopefully you are happy with the Prime. :wink:

“ Root device mounted successfully, but /sbin/init do not exist…
“Bailing our, you are on your own. Good luck “

:point_up_2:when I boot in to the usb live