File exists in system: failed install

Tried to re-install the April release. It looks great. However, when I attempt to install software … it gives me a message along the lines of: ‘error: failed to commit (conflicting files) usr/lib/ exists in file system’.

Can I go to the identified file and just remove it, b4 reworking the install??


iits a manual intervention :

Tip: If you use package eos-update-notifier, you will get notifications and fix instructions about such problems automatically.

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Thanks people … I have used the suggested command and all seems to be progressing as it should. Will a new release get me past this hiccup … or must I continue to use the work-around??


Extra problems …

the output now shows a number (10) already in the file system and the process bombs. What did I do wrong this time?? Help!!

lines begin systemd-libs, harfbuzz webkit2gtk libgsf lsb-release.

Please show the actual output. Did you follow the link @ringo added?

Those links happend sometimes , its not a unstability. But can possible be on packaging side, a symlink deowned and then goes back in. A package get splitted so you get more depency… it happends once a while but not every time.

Best is to setup a screenshot or a pastebin, if not in pastebin then in </> code or not to polute to much te screen to have a read out.

is not a big issue, but to learn a bit how to deal with it :slight_smile: if news popups always good to read.

My fault … I think.

What I did was that I didn’t format both /root and /home before the installation. Residue from the previous install (Manjaro) complicated things. What I then did was reformat BOTH partitions and then do the install. Then after setting up my internet … I immediately ran the suggested pamac/pacman commands … to overwrite the particular files. Then I did the upgrades without issue. Now things are behaving properly. I don’t get long waits while the edd command runs, and I am able to install additional software as I want. EndeavourOS is beginning to run for me!

Thanks people.


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i think you got wrong a bit :slight_smile:

package p-11 something has a symlink or something, but that symlink was losses a owner as example, but then update came back in but then you get a error like File exist in the system.

if you got a ssd en some residue of older installs you have also many more issue.

is also a proper way to show… guessing also doesnt bring good :slight_smile:

its possible you get more of those notifications does not mean you have to reinstall…

online install fixes automatically but offline not. Giving feedback of a error in pastebin is always good.

sometimes can be small.