Feedbacks on github based ISOs (July 21st, 2019)


I usually make a new development ISO for some testing once a week. I noticed a few days ago a “Welcome to EndeavourOS” dialog box is now available.

But I saw some little typos on it.

Welcome screen with typos

These are not big ones, but they hurt!

Proposed a fix:

Hope it helps!

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Another thing… Terminal display is borked!

Related in some ways to this commit:

Just look at this terminal display. It is horrible!

Borked terminal display

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Thanks for the feedback. These typos may appear since none of us have english as native language. So we’ll always welcome your help.

About the terminal, yeah, we’re playing with it, the config from first release didn’t have scrolbar etc, so we’re testing some things. I understand you’re building the iso from github, we’re always testing stuff there.


For translations, if you have a doubt, or is your friend :slight_smile:

Terminal? It burnt my eyes at one. What about adding back toolbar menu? :slight_smile:

And playing with github “homemade” ISO is a nasty pleasure for me :crazy_face:

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I have to dissagree as Google Translate and other automated translators are likely to start WW III sooner or later. It’s virtually useless when it comes to languages that link words together, like German or Swedish. Here is one example on Swedish to English:

What it should be translated as is:

“Pie eating contests are most certainly no smear campaign”

Deepin DE has left me scratching my head on several ocations. The funniest is “Power” translated as “Styrka”, witch in it’s turn translates back to English as “Strength”. :rofl:

The proper translation for a On/Off-button is just “Av/På”.

So, no… don’t trust Google Translate. Ask a native speaker instead. :smiley:


xsettings.xml was not updated, as i do test on noto fonts, i have removed droid (not working for asian fonts anymore) but we must find another solution, as installing noto fonts brings 600MB data into the ISO…

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