Fedora KDE Arm


Archlinux Arm already has KDE Plasma and it is a choice on the EndeavourOS install script.
I have installed Plasma and played around with it a little, but it’s just not my thing. So I can’t vouch for how well it runs.


Have not run anything on Arm (since I own no Arm equipment), but in terms of the KDE spins of Fedora, at least with the last few releases, they left me feeling significantly underwhelmed. I had major performance degredation on F31, crashing through multiple installs on F32 (that no other distro had issues with that hardware). I haven’t attempted 33 spin yet (although I did do a minimal install and build it as a KDE spin), although I got tired of not able to use autofs to mount my network shares (using the same config as every other OS) and being forced to use systemd mount instead, which doesn’t work very well as I’d CONSTANTLY get errors every time I tried to move/copy files to my shares. My $.02.

Just wondering, got one of these bq aquaris m10 ubuntu touch tablets back in 2015 when ubuntu was still developing that.

Would endeavour arm work in principle on such a tablet?

Those use MediaTek CPU’s based on Cortex A53, so I’m guessing it SHOULD, as you say, in principal.

In order to install EndeavourOS Arm on a SBC device, one must be able to install an Archlinux Arm base image for a particular platform.

According to this
the bq Aquarius m10 uses a MediaTek quad-core MT8163B CPU. To quote the review

Here are all the platforms that Archlinux Arm supports,

The only mediatek cpu I see is the Acer Chromebook R13 which uses a Mediatek MT8173 Cortex-A72/A53 2.1GHz/1.7GHz quad-core HMP processor.

The Mediatek MT8173 is a much newer and more powerful CPU.

So the only other option is to download the image for a generic aarch64 base install, then make sure to include all the appropriate kernel modules, drivers, libraries etc.


Thanks for the info! I do not have much experience with ARM devices, but the tablet is lying around, I have now android on it. I am open to try installing arch/EnOS ARM, will see if I find some time to play around with it and can report back.

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