Faster EOS script

I created dumb script, to change some defaults, in order to make EOS faster. It is very opinionated, but I was trying to create something universal, easy to use and “safe” enough, for a desktop user.

I would be happy to hear about your tweaks for performance, so I could add them there.

FYI, EnOS uses systemd-boot for new installations alongside GRUB.

A lot of those choices looks questionable to me, but hey that’s best thing about EOS - you do you :upside_down_face:


Could you post a bit of an explanation, what it does, and why you choose these options?

I’m a bit of a noob, and it looks interesting, however I’m not sure I understand what it accomplishes

Thanks for asking, will add this to readme:

  • when package will be build, will be build with optimisations for your processor - by default packages are build for all processors
  • when package will be downloaded, if your processor supports it, your package will be downloaded from optimized packages repo
  • protection against processor bugs is turned off - as there is a small risk someone will execute harmful attack this way
  • dbus service replaced for one build for performance
  • ananicy installed so processes will not take too much processor power
  • some filesystem improvement to decrease writes
  • bonus: os prober enabled by default - as this is very common question for people switching form Win

All together should give you some performance boost. You can dive deeper by reading the script itself, and links there.

Interesting… I looked at all of it — did the compiling mods (sounded like a very Gentoo thing to do) & the dbus mod. Had already done the fstab stuff & os prober quite a while ago. I’m thinking about ananicy, the optimized repo & the protection removal (not really sure if I want to do them). I would suggest including options so someone just running the script could choose how it modifies their system.

Yes, this sounds promising.

Would you be willing to add this functionality into the script?

I’m not the best script writer in the world, but I’ll take a stab at it. I also did the ananicy bit—I looked at it in more depth & it looked interesting.

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Nice! Will look into PR or post here :slight_smile:

Could you also add instructions how to run it.

Added in readme, thx