Farewell Everyone at EnOS!

Hello Everybody,

My time on this forum has been short but sweet. Sweet like chocolate lol. I am very much so appreciative for all the help and time people gave me on this site and I have learnt a lot. Many things such as troubleshooting, lol googling journal errors even simple things like scrolling down the terminal output (@anon3337769) to check for errors or warnings.

People on this site have been extremely kind, patient and helpful, so I just wanted to come back give my farewell and big thank you to everybody here! :sunny:

I’m typing this on my x1 Carbon with Ubuntu installed. I have had enough of jumping in the deep end for the time being. I think it’s best for me to build up a lot of my general Linux knowledge (@dalto) before I try to tame the beast.

I would love to be able to still be a member of this community if my time permits me but I don’t think it’s viable as I’ll be using Ubuntu. lol I love this community so much I feel like asking you all to come to the Ubuntu forums.

My father is quite old, 75 now and has a few days ago been committed to hospital with Covid 19. It’s highly unlikely that he will make it being a previous smoker and having suffered from other illnesses. Death is the ultimate reminder, the thing which puts everything into perspective. I’m sure soon if not already, in every other house people will have felt the effects of Covid 19 and be grieving for their loved ones. It’s a very difficult time for all people at the moment and we should all try to be caring, understanding and patient with everyone we come in contact with. All life is precious and valuable.

Sometimes doing the right thing may not be what we want, it may mean we need to sacrifice or make changes to our lives in ways we didn’t intend to. I personally think family values and caring for our parents is a must and should be a priority. They looked after us when we couldn’t look after ourselves so it’s only fitting that we are there to support, love and care for them when they need us. Not some stranger looking after them because we packed up their belongings and drove them to an old peoples home.

Anyway, that’s just my two cents, lol even though I’m in the UK and we only have pennies.

Everyone take care in protecting yourselves and families from Covid 19.


Muj :wave:

p.s sorry for ending on a sorrowful note, wasn’t planned.


Take care, and remember you don’t actually have to leave if you come back later. :wink:


Farewell muj!
Best of the best wishes for you and your loved ones!

:heart: :wave:t5:


And you now think that you can change this situation by using Ubuntu …?

I do hope that is the case,

You take care too @jonathon, Thank you.


For me I just feel more comfortable using Ubuntu at the moment. less maintenance. I know there’s probably loads of issues under the hood but as they say ignorance is bliss.

I do still check the journal and google some errors to deal with here and there. @anon3337769 and @ricklinux really help me in understanding that not every error needs to be dealt with. If I don’t notice something not working which I need then for me it’s not an error to be dealt with.


Safe journey .family always 1st… No worry EOS still be here when you see the light :wink:.


If you’re going to 'buntu - may I suggest Xubuntu? I’m pretty sure you don’t want to deal with Rolling Rhino, although you probably could! (it is more stable than I imagined).

Agree totally about the parents - went through that a couple of years ago (even sister too) so Covid is not the only thing to watch out for. Not all people pay any attention to the odds with Covid too - sometimes a good immune system trumps the risk factors - in my casde I hope so - being an older, diabetic, overweight, smoker with a history of heart troubles! Best of luck to all -and see you back here sooner or later (if only to update us on outcomes)…


Best wishes to you on your Linux journey, and all the best to your father.


Best wishes to you, your father and the rest of your family on each of your individual life journeys. The community will be here when you decide to return.


Thank you all for the supportive kind words. hope to speak soon.


Yeah @freebird54 death causes great pain and grief for the ones left behind. My mum passed away due to pancreatic cancer very quickly when I was only 15yrs old and my dad was diagnosed with HIV when I was around 6yrs or so. My mum had prepared me and my sister for our fathers death as everyone back then used to die from HIV and they hadn’t perfected the medicines for people to be able to lead reasonably normal lives. I know my father is the longest lasting HIV patient at his hospital, maybe the city or country I don’t know. My mums death destroyed me, broke me into peaces and changed me. My whole life I’ve been struggling with the aftermath of my beloved mothers death.

Not long ago during the first UK lockdown I was told by my GP that I either have COPD or late in life asthma. Smoked too much shit in my life. Have been suffering bad shortness of breath for a long time now. Back when I was a child I used to fear death and the thought used to create feelings of dread in my chest. Obviously because I was thinking about my father passing away. I’m born and bred in London white guy but converted to Islam when I was 19 (apologies mentioning religion). My beliefs have rid me of those feelings, now I don’t want to die early so I’m around for my children.

This is not a sob story, I got over most of these issues a long time ago even though the effects were long reaching. For me I suppose I’m just venting to release some pressure and share these experiences. What’s really mash up though is that there are so many people in this world in vastly worse off situations and have been through things most people can’t even fathom.


We wish you a happy linux journey, full of adventure and learning whichever distro you use! :roller_coaster:

I hope that your father recovers, and your family stays happy and progresses in life irrespective of whatever happens. :pray:

Take care. Bye :wave:


Best wishes and good luck. Covid sucks, hope your father either recovers or passes peacefully. This is a great community and you’ll always be welcome, in the end use what works best and fits your needs.


Good luck on your journey. Don’t forget to take a towel! Thoughts and prayers for miraculous recovery for your pops.


We can still be friends even if you use Buntu. Don’t worry about that. Take care of your father and use whatever distro suits you.

My father passed away because of this plague, he was also old and used to smoke a lot in his youth, but stopped later.

I really hope your father makes it, this pandemic has caused more than enough sadness so far.


Good luck in all of your endeavours @muj! :four_leaf_clover:

Maybe one day you’ll come back to use EnOS, but nothing prevents you to still hang out here with us anyway :slight_smile:


And i wish a good health to you and your relatives, gotta be a fighter to survive this ccp-flu disaster, so don’t give up the hope!


Keep the faith, be strong!


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