Fantasy Football 2021 (Not Soccer)

I know this goes against a lot of the “privacy” aspect a lot of us have for Linux in general.

BUT. . . We would need at least 7 folks other than myself, up to 11 more. I realize it’s unlikely that this will happen, but other than Linux - I love my dog, cars, golf, football and baseball. ANYWAYS - I’m throwing the longshot out there. We can do yahoo or ESPN. I’ll gladly be the league manager - no money, just bragging rights (as If I’m not insufferable enough, I can gloat so much more than I already do).

If you’re interested, please add your name to the list. When/if we have enough - we’ll figure out some time for a draft. If no one is interested as I imagine will be the case - chalk it up to me being a jock yank who never grew up . . .

  1. fbodymechanic
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Afraid I know about as much about it as I do about the correct fertilizer choice for bent grass during a drought! I have only managed a fantasy league team for hockey… although baseball MIGHT happen someday!

Good luck - hope you find some adherents!

In the meantime, the OT cheer is Go Jays Go!

you might have guessed from the avatar!

None :wink: Good old poverty grass. I love it.

I’ve done my best to stifle my disgust as I grew up in the land of Red Sox - BUT as an adult and spending nearly a decade by choice in Los Angeles - my true hometeam is the Dodgers.

PS I’m in for fantasy baseball. I don’t like hockey enough to get into it unfortunately.

Lets Go Mets!!!

Disgust? It’s not like cheering for the Yankees! :grin:

Hahaha. And you got me there!! You may be right, i was being a little harsh. Anything is better than being a Yankee fan!!

  1. ramblinwreck
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Airtight! 6 more to go!!

  1. fbodymechanic
  2. ramblinwreck

So far - pretty abysmal showing - but I kind of expected that. One bump, today. I’ll give it until Tuesday - and then call it. Although it doesn’t look good already. . .

I don’t even know what fantasy football is. Do I need to watch football games on tv or is it just about betting who wins? Do you have to predict scores (that would be a notch too complicated for me).

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