Failure when installing pamac-all

I am currently on 5.10.69-1-lts for EOS kde on btrfs and when I try to yay pamac-all, it gives me a message at the end how a failure occurred in the build. Weird cause I just got to download it successfully when I was on gnome a couple days ago, but I just switched to kde today. My system is updated as well as my mirrors.

When that happens you should usually first check to see if it’s known on AUR page of package

Turns out, as @FredBezies mentioned there, it is a known vala (build dependency) bug after it’s recent update, so you should wait a bit until it’s resolved :upside_down_face:

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Indeed. Looks like Guinux do not touch to this bug since I’ve reported it.


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To be fair, it has only been four days, two of which were the weekend.

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