Failure to update due to what Pacman is defining as invalid PGP keys

Did a fresh install of Endeavour since I was getting this error already on my system, and couldn’t boot into Zen because of it. Did a fresh install on the XFCE environment, and now it refuses to update packages since it thinks that the PGP keys for the packages are invalid. I try the troubleshooting methods for this problem on the Arch Wiki, but nothing is working. Is something wrong with my system or is the mirrorlist outdated?

Hello @jcdenton
I would definitely update the mirrors first from the Welcome screen. Then try running the updates with sudo pacman -Syyu

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It won’t even open. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong.

I’m sorry? What won’t open? From the terminal does eos-welcome bring it up?

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It gives me an exit code of 127 and says that cannot open shared object file, as well as no such file or directory exists.

Give me a second, I’m reinstalling Endeavour to try and see if updating the Mirrorlist in the Live Environment on USB will help.

The Calamares installer is taking forever on the Welcome screen, keeps saying waiting for 1 module(s) and it’s been over 3 minutes so far.

3 minutes is not forever? Be patient. The mirrors sometimes are the issue but it depends on the country you are in and your internet speed, quality etc.

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“Nothing is working” doesn’t tell us anything - if you provide some output or further detail about exactly what you have tried and the results it will go a long way to help people help you.

It kind of sounds like you shut down your system during an update, so if this is the case then yes, a reinstallation would be the easiest option.

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