Failure to download the endeavouros repo when running pacman -Syu


Forgive any obvious newbie errors - I’m kind of new to this.

Did a successful install of EndeavourOS using the xfce desktop, and now if I open a terminal and type “sudo pacman -Syu” it hangs forever when it gets to checking ‘endeavouros’.

Any ideas or workarounds? (Other than “just install Ubuntu”, of course!)

Which server is configured for the EnOS repo within /etc/pacman.conf ? (look for the section starting [endeavouros])

What’s the full output (as text) of sudo pacman -Syu ?

Can you load the EnOS mirror server URL (from pacman.conf or the mirrorlist) in a web browser?

Actually, you just beat me - I solved it, by using reflector (

Did that, and then reissued ‘sudo pacman -Syu’ and all is good.


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