Failing to get windows to open on a specific monitor at a desired size

Hi y’all

This is not a big deal, but a minor annoyance.
Ive been trying to figure out how to get some windows to open on a specific monitor and/or on a specific size.
One of the two should open on a desired monitor, however it adamantly refuses to do so. I tried right clicking the title bar → more actions → Configure special application settings AND I also tried with the window settings instead of application settings.

But it did not help, the best I managed to obtain is moving the window to the other monitor at the moment, but next time it was back to behaving as it wanted to.

I’m not quite sure I understand what’s wrong here.

Can we see the rules you configured?

Sure thing.
I tried other ones too, but this is the latest attempt.

You need to use “force” instead of “apply initially”

I tried that one too, it didn’t help.
It worked once. And when it did I couldn’t move the window in the other monitor. I want it to “spawn” on one of the two monitor but have the freedom to move it around should I please to do so.

Apply initially doesn’t seem to be working for me either. I have some old window rules that are using that though. I wonder if it is a kwin bug. You might report it on the kde bug tracker and see what they say there.

Ah so it’s not on my end, gotcha.
Thanks for your help, tomorrow when I’m less sleepy I’ll see to report it as a bug, thanks!

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