Failed unmounting /var/cache

Hi guys i install endeavouros on btrfs when i reboot or shutdown i take error failed unmounting

** down image is log of my last boot Activation request is error happened only on reboot or shutdown **


editing jounrald.conf fixed this person in deb

workaround created by a centos user ^^

failing to unmount /var all by itself seems to be a more common theme.
I personally do not have the knowledge to tell you how to solve this. but I’m looking around as I’m sure you are. good luck.

thanks but they had problem with var folder i don’t have subvolume for var i have subvol of /var/cache and /var/tmp and /var/log. and only /var/cache had unmounting problem. should i remove subvol of cache and it’s automatic mount with root subvol?
by the way can you give me your cache permission code maybe problem is for permission