Failed To Start Load Kernel Modules

Hi guys, i just installed endeavouros with deepin-20-beta and lxqt DE and when i rebooted my system, i got this error [failed] failed to start load kernel modules, and i couldn’t reach the login window, i had to switch between ttys to login and i can’t login into deepin DE, whenever i try to login into deepin i get the same error message and i’m back at the login screen but i can still login into lxqt DE and it works fine but i do prefer deepin DE and i’m using linux-firmware 20201120.bc9cd0b-1. Please help me guys, i just wanna stop distro hopping :((.

Are you missing deepin-anything-arch or deepin-anything-dkms by any chance?


not sure, how do i check it? and there are no nvidia drivers preinstalled, in live environment optimus manger was present but not after installation.