Failed to execute sbin/init

Hi, today I updated my system and was prompted to reboot my system afterwards. During the reboot my computer was accidentally reset. After I rebooted for the second time i was met with the error “Failed to execute sbin/init” the reason given was “exec format error”. My fallback shell also failed to execute.

I managed to use my old usb to try chroot, and thats when I discovered that any attempt at using pacman or yay failed, -Syu resulted in cancelling every package after it had finished downloading them. Anything else resulted in the message “error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ file too short.

Im not sure if any other libraries were corrupted and am not sure how to resolve this. Sorry for the poor formatting im on my phone.

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See if the instructions given in the following link will work:

Please note that you may need to modify the mount command for the file system you are using (EXT4 or Btrfs).

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I would remove the file /usr/lib/, then reinstall the acl package before anything else.

Thanks for the reply, but I decided to fresh install as I didn’t have anything not backed up.