Failed to boot

My apologies if this issue has been discussed already.

Today my laptop (AMD CPU) failed to boot. It was last updated yesterday. The screen shows “Loading initial ramdisk …” then nothing happens after that.

I tried to boot the fallback initramfs but same thing happens. I also boot the machine with an EnOS image and then ran fsck on the root file system, which reports file system is clean.

How do I go about to fix my laptop? TIA.

Sounds like this:

Thanks @jonathon.

So it appears that the new kernel hangs during booting. I know how to access the root file system by booting the EnOS live image. What is the best way to boot into an old kernel? Once the system is booted I guess I can try to downgrade the kernel.

Use your chroot to install another kernel, then boot from that.

Also make sure you actually read the whole thread above, including the Solution post, rather than just the single post that is shown above.

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