Failed Installation

I tried your new installer on my Intel NUC5CPYH, 4GB 120GB SSD which had an existing Arch Linux Openbox & Qtile installed.

I selected ‘online’ and ticked the i3wm box with the base already ticked.

It first locked up shortly after starting the installation at the Keyboard screen. The second time it locked up after reboot with USB when I selected a ‘swap no hiberbation’ option on the partition screen. The third time it appeared to be working its way through the installation, but when I came back to the computer after about twenty minutes I was presented with a notification of a failed installation with a mass of errors.

Luckily, when I restarted my computer the original arch installation was still there as normal.

Does this need more work, I ask myself. Never mind - early days.

It turns out that the Swap on hibernation function in Calamares is showing the old errors again in some cases, it was claimed to be fixed, but there have been reports of failed installations, also on other distro’s.

I’m re-installing the iso onto my USB stick and I’ll try the installation again later today without setting a swap partition. I can always add a swap file later if needed.


At this moment it is Russian roulette, a lot of installs don’t have problems, but it does show up occassionally.



As @Bryanpwo said indeed there are some random erros for specific hardware.

Weird that your arch install wasn’t destroyed, which means the installer didn’t even get to the point of formating your hard drive (or perhaps you selected the USB drive as target?)

Weird, yes. I definitely selected the 120GB SSD. I tried again and this time, the installation froze and locked up the computer when I selected the British Keyboard layout. Hey; it’s getting earlier and earlier! Your calamares installer does not like my computer. I feel hurt!

I don’t think there is anything I can do. Wasn’t there some discussion some time ago about partitioning the drive before even starting the installation? Perhaps I could try that - tomorrow.


After how much time did this happen?

As I wrote, as soon as I selected the dropdown for keyboards and selected British UK Keyboard the installation locked up and my computer froze.

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Thanks, we’re still working on the problem