Eyedropper doesn't work on EOS

I have the same problem as described below, doesnt work from the aur or flatpak. Some component is missing?

I use xcolor on KDE Plasma with X as the display server. Works like a charm:


There aren’t any comments on the aur page either, maybe it works for other arch distros?


can I convert color formats with xcolor? I need something for pasting in hex or rgba and it will back some other format.

It just displays the colour of any pixel you pick. It can display it in several formats.

yeah but I don’t want to pick a pixel, I want to convert values. Found some sites, but an app would be nicer.

Pretty much any colour dialogue in any graphics program worth its salt lets you do this conversion. Inkscape, GIMP, Krita… I usually use Inkscape.

these are big programs with complex UIs, eyedropper would be a lot better for me, if it worked on eos…

Works as expected for me on KDE Plasma.
What if you clean build it?


Works on my end: Eyedropper (flatpak) on GNOME (Wayland):

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