Extra Snapshot in Grub Menu

I have installed Endeavour OS with btrfs and installed timeshift and grub-btrfs to boot into old snapshot from grub menu . But now I am seeing one extra snapshot in grub menu . Updating grub config gives this output when no snapshots are present

Info: Separate boot partition not detected
Found snapshot: 2020-08-26 19:03:29 | @
Found 1 snapshot(s)

I have restored a snapshot previously to check how it works and it said the current state will be saved as a snapshot and I have removed it afterwards .

So the question is

is there anything wrong about this ?

It’s just the current (active) system that gets picked as being a subvolume, like all the “real” snapshots. Nothing wrong with this; just ignore.


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It just vanished . With the recent grub-btrfs update I probably :hugs: