External hard drive not showing after kernel upgrade

I’ve noticed many times that after the Linux kernel package is updated, when I connect my external hard drive on my laptop’s USB port, it’s not visible in my file manager Nemo neither in GNOME Disks

I have to reboot to use it

It is recommended to reboot your computer after the kernel is updated. EndeavourOS also send out a notification saying that too.


I see that notification, but it would be more convenient not to have to reboot just for using an external hard drive

So this isn’t a bug ?

Not a bug, just the way it is:

If you recently upgraded your kernel, the modules for USB storage for your currently running kernel were removed and replaced with modules for the newly installed kernel. These modules will not be loaded until you reboot and run the new kernel


There are a couple of ways to get around this; probably the easiest way is to install the kernel-modules-hook package (I have never used this, as I prefer to reboot).


My observation is that when a kernel is updated the kernel modules package are updated and kernel module files for the current version will be deleted.
This means that any activity that requires a kernel module to be loaded, will fail.
IIRC Ubuntu handles this differently - the “old” kernel modules package is removed on the next boot cycle. Not saying that is the correct approach - but a difference in behaviour.

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This is a known issue in Archlinux, that’s why there are some utilities created to workaround it.
It doesn’t always have impact, or not for every module requested, probably because they are already loaded in memory.
FWIW, I just checked Nautilus after updated my running linux kernel and I could browse my external drives fine :person_shrugging: .

Were they already connected before the kernel update? Perhaps that would make a difference?

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Yes, although I suppose the required modules could have been already loaded :person_shrugging:

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It does indeed make a difference. Plugging in a new device (that had not been connected previously) would fail in these circumstances.


That was what I suspected. Thanks for the confirmation!

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