External drive with wrong used space being reported by df -h

Hi there,

Would appreciate very much for any help, if possible.

I have an external SSD drive (Sandisk Extreme 500 GB) on which I had a folder with more than 100 GB. So, I deleted this folder, but its used space is being wrongly reported.

The system says that the used space on this drive is around 100 GB more than I expected (it displays 418 GB).

And also df -h reports this wrong total used space, while Nautilus, for example, reports the correct used space if I select all files on drive and go to properties (308 GB).

Any idea about what is happening, guys?

have you set hidden files to be shown in the file manager ?

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There’s only 1 hidden folder (.Trash-1000), but this has only a few kb.

I was contemplating that there are those 100 GB inside the trash. Maybe you have some pieces of screenshots to elaborate on the problem?

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Many thanks for your help.

So, I can´t imagine how could I illustrate this with screenshots. :frowning:

But, for example. I am displaying hidden folders inside that drive, through Nautilus. If I select all the folders there, including that very small .Trash-1000, I get a total used of 308 GB.

And at terminal I get 418 GB used for that same place, with df -h.

So, there’s around 110 GB “lost”. Also, I could not fine large files inside .Trash-1000, just a couple of very small ones.

no clue what ist happening,
just an idea,
delete that .trash folder,
unmount the drive an put it back again
maybe things have changed by then

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Great! Thank you so much for your idea. Now it worked. :slight_smile:

I just don’t understand what happened.

I guess that because of the USB character of this drive, write processes are not

closed until the safe removal of the device

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Understood. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

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