Experience with Hyprland, Nvidia, CUDA, CUDNN?

I’ve really admired EOS for quite some time. I successfully installed EOS and my Thinkpad T490, then used Stephan Raabe’s scripts to set up Hyprland, and I really like the look and interactions.

My workstation currently runs Debian 12, and has an Nvidia RTX A4500 that I use for data science, and machine learning. This all requires Nvidia drivers and their CUDA, cudnn libraries, as well as Tensorflow.

Anyone have experience with a setup like this and running EOS?

Hyprland, yes, RTX3070, CUDA etc no.

Not sure about CUDNN (i assume it works fine since it’s in repos)
But Hyprland, Nvidia, CUDA definitely works as long as you have Nvidia proprietary drivers (:roll_eyes:)

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