Exodia OS found this while going through YouTube

I was just aimlessly scrolling through YT and found this mentioned in a video summary area.

Exodia OS - A highly customized arch-based distro For All Cybersecurity fields. It comes with other special editions as well. (From their web site.)

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A couple of weeks ago I discovered this distro is from Egypt, from the Distrowatch “waiting” list.

Not exactly where I first got it from:


Well a few came along like AthenaOS and BlackArch, see if they could feed off each other.

Yeah, these arch-based distros come and go. I think lots of advanced users who are already on Arch using the Arch-way. People who like the GUI way are here and with Manjaro or Acro. A small percentage is with Garuda. So, most other distros come along can’t stay due to no user base. But I wholeheartedly support more distros with something new to offer.

I tried installing this but it was a mess. Not very well done.