Exif Date Sort in File Manager

So here’s a good one for all you knowledgable penguinistas:
If I had a folder stuffed with images taken on a digitial camera, and wanted to sort by the EXIF date of creation rather than modified date, what is available to make that happen in a file manager?
I am currently on Plasma, using Krusader as my file manager, but haven’t found anything useful there.
I have found Nemo (from Cinnamon) can do it with nemo-media-columns plugin.
And Konqueror can do it natively by adding the Created column.
Strangely Gwenview seemed incapable.
So was Dolphin.
XNViewMP was capable, but is more of just a viewer.
Is there anything else around?

Did you try adding the “Date Photographed” column to the view in Dolphin?

Alternatively, digikam is really made for tagging, sorting and organizing images.

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Thanks @dalto ! Digikam does it. Dolphin’s Date Photographed stays empty.

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